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Saturday, 16 April 2016  |  Stuart
Sugar and other high GL foods can cause acne

A review of studies on acne and diet over the last 40 years has revealed a connection between acne and diets with a high glycaemic load (GL).

High glycaemic load foods are those which trigger a sugar rush, which stimulates insulin activity in the blood. Insulin helps the body to balance blood sugar levels, but also increases sebum production in the skin

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Wednesday, 18 November 2015  |  Stuart
Balancing your skin protection with nutrient loss

Our skin is an essential organ. It helps protect us from ultra violet rays that can be so harmful but it also allows us to take in vitamin D, which is essential in so many respects but not available from most foods or in sufficient quantity.

But our skin need to be treated carefully; it's only the medium through which these things are achieved. Melanin and vitamin D affect how successful our skin can be.

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Friday, 25 September 2015  |  Stuart
Why Krill Oil is the best Omega Supplement

Did you know why krill oil is such a fantastic health supplement?

A fast growing number of people are aware of the need to supplement their diet with omega 3 essential acids (EFAs) to supports different areas of health including heart, brain and joints. There is a vast array of alternative products so which is the most effective and best value for money?

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Monday, 10 August 2015  |  Stuart
Protection for Holiday Skin


We all know to protect our skin against the sun with sunscreens but how many of us actually prepare our skin in advance with the right nutrients?

Why not start preparing now? After all your life may be exposed to many of the risk factors for oxidation before you arrive at your sunny holiday destination. Supplementing with Oxycell before, during and after your holiday is an ideal form of additional cell insurance to make sure you and your family have the healthiest of holidays.

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