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Detox & Liver Support

A cleansing diet works in two ways. Firstly, you stop putting in more toxins and, secondly, toxins currently in the body are flushed out (mainly by drinking more water). Meanwhile, by eating more fresh vegetables and some fruit, you are getting vital antioxidants to mop up the free radicals caused by smoking, alcohol, coffee and cheap vegetable oils found in pastries, mince pies, etc. These supplements will help the process
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A.Vogel Dandelion - 50m

A.Vogel Dandelion - 50m£9.75

A Vogel Dandelion is used as a remedy for liver complaints, infections, swelling, gallbladder, problems and viruses.

A.Vogel Milk Thistle Complex

A.Vogel Milk Thistle Complex£9.14  -  £16.20

A. Vogel Milk Thistle Complex health supplement designed to strengthen, cleanse & protect the liver.

A.Vogel Solidago Complex - 50m

A.Vogel Solidago Complex - 50m£9.14

A.Vogel Solidago Complex is a natural health supplement designed to aid fluid retention, act as a detox and kidney tonic.

A.Vogel Urtica - 50m

A.Vogel Urtica - 50m£9.14

A.Vogel Urtica is a tincture health supplement that may be helpful as detoxifier, and for symptoms of Arthritis, Anaemia, Skin disorders and Hayfever.

BioCare Amino-Plex

BioCare Amino-Plex£28.06

BioCare Amino-Plex is beneficial for the metabolism & utilisation of fatty acids and supports the health of skin, hair & nails.

BioCare Artichoke Complex

BioCare Artichoke Complex£18.70

BioCare Artichoke Complex health supplement combines potent plant extracts work synergistically to help support normal function of the liver & gallbladder.

BioCare Beetroot Extract 90

BioCare Beetroot Extract 90£13.40

A potent source of freeze-dried Beetroot. Contains a range of vitamins and minerals. Beetroot Extract can be used as a gentle food-form multinutrient.

BioCare Biomer (Chelating Complex) 60

BioCare Biomer (Chelating Complex) 60£18.30

BioCare Biomer is a high potency chelating complex to support the body's eliminative processes. 

BioCare Celery Seed 60

BioCare Celery Seed 60£11.00

BioCare’s Celery is a health supplement supports the body’s eliminative processes, liver, kidneys and joints

BioCare HEP 194 60

BioCare HEP 194 60£111.15

BioCare HEP 194 is a combination health supplement aimed at helping the breakdown of fats in the liver.

BioCare HepaGuard Forte - 60

BioCare HepaGuard Forte - 60£18.95

BioCare HepaGuard Forte is designed to support to the liver & contains liver supportive nutrients & Antioxidants.

BioCare Liv-D 60

BioCare Liv-D 60£43.40

BioCare Liv-D health supplement is a blend of nutrients known to support healthy liver function & the body's natural eliminative processes.

BioCare Sea Plasma - 90 veg.caps

BioCare Sea Plasma - 90 veg.caps£18.75

BioCare Sea Plasma - a highly nutritious food and an ideal adjunct during breastfeeding to support milk production.

Epigenar Bilethin

Epigenar Bilethin£21.99

Bilethin consists of a combination of enzymes and other ingredients to support the health of the liver and gall bladder

Epigenar Green Clay (250g)

Epigenar Green Clay (250g)£16.99

One of the most effeetive minerals clays available: Chelator, detoxifier, binding toxins and parasites

Epigenar L-Cysteine (90)

Epigenar L-Cysteine (90)£19.99

Epigenar L-Cysteine is an essential sulphur containing amino acid to support the growth of connective tissue in the skin, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, joints, bones and liver processes.

Good Health Naturally CurcuminX4000 (180)

Good Health Naturally CurcuminX4000 (180)£34.95

Good Health Naturally - Superior Absorption natural anti-inflammatory curcumin

Green Magma Organic Green Barley Juice Extract

Green Magma Organic Green Barley Juice Extract£19.99  -  £69.99

Green Magma organic barley grass is extracted from young green barley leaves described as"one of the most nutritionally balanced foods in nature.

Green Magma Plus 150g

Green Magma Plus 150g£37.99

A phytonutrient-rich combination of the renowned organic barley grass juice powder

Health Elements Spirulina

Health Elements Spirulina£11.99  -  £19.99

Highly nutritious superfood for energy, health, weight loss and detox

Higher Nature Alka-Clear

Higher Nature Alka-Clear£13.49  -  £17.48

Higher Nature Alka-Clear health supplement helps maintain the alkaline balance of the blood & tissues, & support the removal of waste products.

Higher Nature Chlorella Size 180

Higher Nature Chlorella Size 180£13.90

Higher Nature Chlorella is a fresh water - a superfood because of its vitamin & nutrient content. Particularly useful for people whose diet is deficient in green vegetables or fruit.

Higher Nature Milk Thistle - 30

Higher Nature Milk Thistle - 30£13.96

Higher Nature Milk Thistle is used to relieve symptoms associated with over-indulgence of drink & food

Higher Nature Olive Leaf Extract

Higher Nature Olive Leaf Extract£16.39  -  £46.50

Higher Nature Olive Leaf Extract guarantees 500mg of D-Calcium Elenolate per capsule, the only form discovered to maintain its potency once absorbed.

Higher Nature Smart UK Liver Support

Higher Nature Smart UK Liver Support£10.36  -  £29.36

This powerful blend of amino acids, vitamins & minerals offers extra liver support for people who regularly drink alcohol, smoke or have taken recreational drugs. 

Higher Nature Special Dead Sea Soak

Higher Nature Special Dead Sea Soak£16.20

Higher Nature Special Dead Sea Soak is a relaxing & indulgent mineral bath from ancient seas with minerals & salt to help pull toxins out. Over 21 key minerals.

Lamberts Choline 200mg and Inositol 200mg

Lamberts Choline 200mg and Inositol 200mg£9.95

Lamberts Choline 200mg and Inositol 200mg is designed to aid healthy fat metabolism in the liver and to aid normal brain activity.

Lamberts L-Methionine 500mg

Lamberts L-Methionine 500mg£11.95

Lamberts L-Methionine helps is an antioxidant that helps the breakdown of fats, detoxification of heavy metals, excretion of excess oestrogen & muscle function.

Lamberts L-Ornithine 500mg

Lamberts L-Ornithine 500mg£16.50

Lamberts L-Ornithine is an Amino acid health supplement used to help maintain the health of the immune system and the liver.

Lamberts Selenium 200mcg - 60

Lamberts Selenium 200mcg - 60£7.30

Lamberts Selenium 200mcg is an antioxidant designed to quench harmful free radicals from the body that can damage organs & tissues.

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