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Good Health Naturally Alpha Lipoic Acid (30)

Good Health Naturally Alpha Lipoic Acid  (30)
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Code:  GH-ALA
Brand:  Good Health Naturally

Good Health Naturally

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Alpha Lipoic Acid  

May Help:

  • Healthy Liver Function
  • Healthy Pancreatic Function
  • Blood Sugar Balance
  • Immunity Function & Eye Health
  • Improve The Effectiveness Of Other Supplements When Used As Part Of Your Daily Nutritional Regime
Serving Size - 2
Container - 30
Bio-enhanced Na-RALA 200mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid is a 'network' antioxidant that provides support for healthy blood sugar levels, peripheral nerves, digestion, glandular activity, and the liver. In addition to neutralising free radicals, ALA has been studied for its potential abilities in the repair of oxidative damage, regeneration of other antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and chelation of excess metals.
Alpha Lipoic Acid R? is significantly more bio-available than the 'free acid' form of R-Lipoic Acid (RLA). In a preliminary trial, the maximum plasma concentration was 40 times higher than that of unstabilized RLA.
What is Bio-enhanced® Na-RALA?
Na-RALA is the sodium salt form of R-Lipoic Acid, which allows it to be more heat stable, and provides it with the ability to have fast dissolution rates as well as high solubility and absorption. This means that it has no solvent or polymer residues and won't degrade at high temperatures. It is also more bioavailable than regular RLA.
Lipoic acid (LA), known as the "universal antioxidant” because of its solubility in both water and fat, plays a major part in glucose metabolism and energy production. LA occurs in two forms, designated as "R" and "S." Studies suggest that RLA, the natural form, is more biologically active than the S form.
Na-RALA is the LA that is stabilized with less than 1% of the Daily Value of Na (sodium). The sodium in this product in unlikely to affect blood pressure levels and is not in the form of NaCl or sodium chloride, which may have bad effects on blood pressure.