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Men's Sexual Health

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Higher Nature Sx

Higher Nature Sx£15.68  -  £29.93

Higher Nature Sx - sufficient blood flow is critical to arousal in both men & women. Helps to maintain blood flow to the sexual organs.

BioCare ASC Plus 90

BioCare ASC Plus 90£25.45

BioCare ASC Plus health supplement contains a combination of nutrients important to male fertility.

Rio Amazon Muira Puama 5:1 %500mg

Rio Amazon Muira Puama 5:1 %500mg£20.99

Historically all parts of Muira Puama have been used as a tonic for the support of physical capacities - most famously sexual debility and low libido.

BioCare Maleforte Plus

BioCare Maleforte Plus£17.10

Rio Amazon Peruvian Maca 500mg

Rio Amazon Peruvian Maca 500mg£7.99  -  £25.49

Maca has long been used as a source of energy and to help with hot flushes, vaginal dryness, tender breasts, sleeplessness, emotional upsets, & PMS.

Biocare Maleforte Multi

Biocare Maleforte Multi£13.35

A high potency multivitamin & mineral complex health supplement, suited to the special requirements of men. 

Lamberts Strongstart for men

Lamberts Strongstart for men£12.30

Lamberts Strongstart for Men - A multivitamin, mineral and antioxidant supplement to ensure the man can achieve his optimum fertility.

Nutri Advanced Selenium 200mcg

Nutri Advanced Selenium 200mcg£11.50

Selenium chelated to the amino acid methionine is one of the most readily absorbable forms of selenium. It is a vital trace element which is often lacking in the modern diet.

BioCare Nutrisorb Molybdenum Ascorbate 15ml liquid

BioCare Nutrisorb Molybdenum Ascorbate 15ml liquid£10.00

BioCare Nutrisorb Molybdenum is chelated to ascorbic acid for easy absorption.Ideal for those with absorption or who have pill swallowing difficulties.

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Page 1 of 1:    9 Items