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Shape & Weight Control

These health supplements are designed to help you diet the natural and safe way. Read product descriptions to find what is right for you. Beware of "quick fix" supplements sometimes advertised. Not only do they often not work but they can be highly dangerous.

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A.Vogel Cynara 50ml

A.Vogel Cynara 50ml£9.75

A.Vogel Cynara is a health supplement that helps weight loss. Also antioxidant to protect against free radical attack.

BioCare Body Balance - 420g

BioCare Body Balance - 420g£38.60

Biocare Body Balance health supplement is a unique nutrient combination designed to support a healthy metabolism.

BioCare Garcinia Cambogia Plus 90

BioCare Garcinia Cambogia Plus 90£28.05

To support weight loss as part of an exercise & dietary regime. Garcinia cambogia, manganese, chromium, vitamins B5 & C may help management of fats & carbohydrates.

BioCare Microcell LipoTone Intensive (MicroCell) - 28 sachet

BioCare Microcell LipoTone Intensive (MicroCell) - 28 sachet£62.70

LipoTone Intensive is a health supplement formulation that that may help support the body's natural management of fats & carbohydrates.

BioCare SucroGuard

BioCare SucroGuard£7.99  -  £21.75

SucroGuard is a blend of key nutrients involved in managing glucose levels & ensuring the cells are provided with energy.

BioCare TH207 - Thyroid Health Complex

BioCare TH207 - Thyroid Health Complex£12.49

BioCare TH207 contains iodine, glycine, glutamine, tyrosine and siberian ginseng to support healthy thyroid gland function.

Higher Nature Chromium 200g

Higher Nature Chromium 200g£5.00

Supports normal glucose metabolism. Provides two major ingredients of the glucose tolerance factor (GTF): Chromium & Niacin. Chromium levels decrease with age.

Higher Nature CLA 1000mg (CLA090) Size 90

Higher Nature CLA 1000mg (CLA090) Size 90£23.40

Higher Nature CLA supports healthy shape & weight & helps maintain low body fat & optimum lean body mass for a more streamlined, trimmer figure.

Higher Nature HCA Size 90

Higher Nature HCA Size 90£12.60

Higher Nature HCA - a derivative of Citric found in tropical plants including Garcinia cambogia (Tamarind fruit). Take 30 minutes before a meal.

Higher Nature Metabolic Balance Size 90

Higher Nature Metabolic Balance Size 90£9.85

Higher Nature Metabolic Balance - maintain body's ideal weight & shape without hunger with nutrients that support normal glucose & fat metabolism.

Higher Nature Organic Coconut Butter

Higher Nature Organic Coconut Butter£8.50  -  £12.90

Higher Nature Organic Coconut Butter - one of the safest & healthiest cooking oils.Heat-stable, no toxic trans-fats when heated. Doesn’t raise cholesterol levels.

Higher Nature Organic Virgin Coconut Butter

Higher Nature Organic Virgin Coconut Butter£8.90  -  £15.90

Higher Nature Organic Virgin Coconut Butter - the non-virgin butter with the full flavour & aroma of Coconut. Doesn’t raise cholesterol levels & is safe for cooking

Higher Nature True Food GTF Chromium

Higher Nature True Food GTF Chromium£5.69  -  £10.99

Higher Nature True Food GTF Chromium. For healthy glucose & lipid metabolism.

Lamberts Chromium Complex

Lamberts Chromium Complex£10.99

Lamberts Chromium Complex is a one-a-day formula health supplement with those nutrients required to help maintain normal blood sugar (glucose) levels. 

Lamberts CLA 1000mg - 90

Lamberts CLA 1000mg - 90£15.95

Lamberts CLA may help people maintain an optimum balance between body fat and lean muscle in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Lamberts GTF Chromium 200mcg

Lamberts GTF Chromium 200mcg£10.99

Lamberts GTF Chromium assists insulin in enabling the cells to take up glucose for energy release, and synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol.

Lamberts L-Arginine 1000mg - 90

Lamberts L-Arginine 1000mg - 90£18.95

Lamberts L-Arginine HCl 1000mg - A variety of functions depend upon a sufficiency of arginine e.g. glucose tolerance, insulin production and liver lipid metabolism.

Lamberts Natural Pea Protein

Lamberts Natural Pea Protein£25.99

Lamberts Pea Protein maintains muscle mass, aids weight control, low appetites and recovery from illness.

Lamberts Pure Green Coffee Extract

Lamberts Pure Green Coffee Extract£18.80

Lamberts Pure Green Coffee Extract - The extract used is decaffeinated & contains high levels of the active compounds including powerful antioxidants, that help fight free radical damage.

New Nordic Apple Cider - High Strength - caps

New Nordic Apple Cider - High Strength - caps£15.31

New Nordic Apple Cider 720mg - High Strength - An effective natural formula designed to make you naturally slim down and feel lighter

New Nordic Apple Cider tabs

New Nordic Apple Cider tabs£17.99

New Nordic Apple Cider 1000mg - Maintains a healthy digestion, a normal body fluid balance and facilitates weight loss.

New Nordic Chili Burn - 60 caps

New Nordic Chili Burn - 60 caps£21.99

New Nordic Chili Burn - Weight Management and Healthy Digestion, with chili pepper, green tea, dill, ginger and peppermint

Nutramedix Vermella - Slim 30ml

Nutramedix Vermella - Slim 30ml£30.65

NutraMedix Vermella Slim - 30ml - May increase metabolism, Suppresses appetite

Nutri Advanced Chromium Picolinate (90)

Nutri Advanced Chromium Picolinate (90)£10.19

High strength chromium health supplement formulation which helps support healthy blood sugar control.

Nutri Advanced ThermoMax

Nutri Advanced ThermoMax£23.75

Nutri Advanced ThermoMax is a Health Supplement designed to aid weight loss and blood sugar with Green Coffee, Green Tea and Capsicum with Vitamins and Piperine.

Nutri Advanced Ultrameal

Nutri Advanced Ultrameal£25.95

UltraMeal is a delicious, natural, powdered mix designed as nutritional support for individuals who want to improve body composition.

Nutrigold Chromium 100mcg - 60

Nutrigold Chromium 100mcg - 60£12.32

Nutrigold Chromium is free from Lactose, Nuts, Wheat and Gluten and is suitable for vegetarians.  Contributes to metabolism and maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.

Rio Amazon Catuaba 500mg caps

Rio Amazon Catuaba 500mg caps£10.20  -  £16.99

CATUABA has been, maybe for thousands of years, the most loved & respected herb for men in that nation of passionate lovers - Brazil!

Rio Amazon Catuaba 5:1 Extract 500mg

Rio Amazon Catuaba 5:1 Extract 500mg£14.99

Catuaba bark is commonly used as a general tonic and for sexual disfunction

Rio Amazon Cinnamon

Rio Amazon Cinnamon£10.99  -  £18.99

Rio Health Cinnamon - for a healthy blood sugar level

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